The Good Stuff!

Here is our menu page where we display a wide variety of food goods that we make in house and miscellaneous imported goods that we carry in our store.

From the Deli

In this section we display our homemade sausages and foods we are known for and have been serving for nearly 30 years. Our Chourico and Linguica is hand diced and comes in three options Spicy, Mild, Muro ( A old traditional blend cuts of pork , tongue, bacon, and heart... its delicious).

Chourico- Spicy or Mild

Hand diced pork marinated and smoked to perfection all with the care and love for the food we make.

Linguica - Spicy or Mild

Our Linguica is made from the same blends as our Chourico, so spicy and mild are also available. The difference between the two sausages is we use a slightly thinner casing and it comes wound up in lengths of 2-3 feet instead of individual links. We find with the thinner casing the smoke penetrates a little more giving a more smokey flavor. Linguica is a favorite particularly in the summer months because of how well they work on the grill! YUM!

Chourico Mouro

These tasty links are preferred in a boil dinner or a clam boil. They also make for a wonderful soup or a roast!


Morcela (Blood sausages) to many people unfamiliar with portuguese blood sausage the name itself is enough to make most pass it over. To that I say they don't know what they are missing! These delicious sausages are one of our specialties. Cut into one inch cubes and fried by them selves are great or take them out of the oil and scramble them in some eggs for a superb omelet.

From the Kitchen!

In this section we cover our home cooked specials we carry week in and week out!

Portuguese Bacon

Do you love bacon? These tender, crispy little morsels of pork bellies are a delicious crowd favorite! Just a couple spoon fulls make a tasty snack for any bacon lover.


Everyone knows, don't you? Our cacoula is highly regarded by our customers to be the best they have ever had! For those unfamiliar cacoula is a marinated pulled pork that can spice up any dish or simply just make a terrific sandwich. We've heard customers who have used it in beans, stuffing, pizza, nachos, and of course eggs!

Torresmos Vinha de alhos

Braised marinated chunks of meat, ribs, liver, tongue and pork stomach.

The Shelf!

Bone-in Codfish

Boneless Codfish

Red Pepper Paste - Massa De Pimento

Hot Chopped Peppers - Pimenta De Malagueta Moida

Com Cebelo e Alho

Blackberry & Fig Preserve

Casa De Mateus Doce De Tomate, Amora, & Do Bosque




Bom Amigo

Tuna Fillets in Vegetable Oil

Mestre Alfredo

Santa Catarina

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Other Various Items!